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The foundation of any great Disc Jockey's performance is a quality sound system.  We insist on using only the finest, most reliable professional-grade equipment to ensure that our music is crystal clear and your event goes without a hitch!
Professional Equipment

Modern Equipment



Some of the equipment we use are Crown and Crest power amplifiers, Electro Voice Speakers and Subwoofers, Numark MP3 CD players/mixers, DBX Driverack Signal Processors, etc., All neatly rack mounted.  Our continual investment in the latest technology, insures that our performances remain state-of-the-art.
Hot Springs Country Club Large Room Set up

Arlington Hotel Smaller Room Set up

The high power this systems offers, yields clarity and low distortion and that means you'll feel rich bass tones, smooth midrange and enjoy the crisp, clear highs.  Compared to the tiny, muffled, distorted underpowered systems offered by many "bargain DJs", it's like night and day.  After all, isn't having the best sounding music at your wedding reception or party the highest priority.Next Level Events Genesis III Room

Why should you have a lightshow at your party?  A lightshow makes it easier for people to get into the dancing mood with beems of colored light moving about the dance floor.  Not only will your guests hear the music, they will see it also.  Lights can enhance the ambience of a venue and add excitement to the dance floor!  We have mood lighting, sound-activated motion effects lights, mirror ball type lights and even a selection of high tech lasers.  All of the above effects are used in a tasteful non-obtrusive fassion with your guests enjoyment in mind. 

    Large Room Light Set up   lighting truss system


Dance floor lighting

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